I was asked to talk about my work in the "Credits Podcast". 1'33 hours about producing videos, how many excel spreadsheets I fill, a female quota on the set and #metoo.

Interview in German. 

I'm an all-rounder. I can take projects from start to finish - from content creation, budgeting and financing, pitching and contracts to shooting schedules, staffing, post-production, marketing, distribution and PR.

What really excites me is working and commu-nicating with collaborative clients and inspiring creatives. 

I started freelancing as a producer for ads, commercials and films during my Bachelor's in Film and Television in 2015. I fueled my learning through seminars and workshops after graduation. I'm about to finish my two Master's in Marketing & Sales and Culture & Media Management.

I implement diversity and environmental protec-tion in my work.


I am currently in Los Angeles.

Contact me on LinkedIn for more details!

mail@saskiahahn.de / +49 151 1523 9821